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The service life of the Nemag Rope Pear Socket cast out of high alloy austenitic maganese steel is often greatly in excess of that of the wire rope. Austenitic steel unites a great toughness and a high resistance to wear. However, by a wrong heat treatment, the austenite may be converted into martensite, which is brittle and not resistant to the shocks to which Rope Pear Sockets are exposed. When casting wire ropes into or out of Rope Pear Sockets, the instructions given below have to be closely followed.
Conversion of austenite into martensite occurs when heating Rope Pear Sockets to temperatures upwards of 300-400 deg.C, the more rapidly according to the higher temperature ranges. Therefore the use of casting alloys having a melting-point upwards of 245 deg.C and a casting temperature upwards of 320-350 deg.C is not permissible. When preheating a Rope Pear Socket before casting it to or loosening it from the wire rope, it has to done uniformly. Take care that the temperature nowhere exceeds 350 deg.C and check this by "Thermochrom" pins or possibly by thermocouples.