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The Flip-Rite TM Handling System uses powered slings to gently lift and rotate objects. The slings enclose the center of gravity providing a controlled, stable motion. Optional features may include the Level-Rite TM, a powered load leveling device, or custom fixtures for turning highly irregular shapes. Take a moment to review just a few potential Flip-Rite TM applications.

Separating, rotating & re-assembling die sets is always a problem. With the Flip-Rite TM, you can accomplish all operations faster anywhere there is overhead crane service. You can separate & rotate the die set right on the press, eliminating transfers the to the tool room for a simple repair or tool change.

When machining an expensive engine block, you want to avoid damaging it while moving or rotating it between operations. With the Flip- Rite TM, the positioning can be done gently and precisely. It only takes the push of a button to move or rotate any size part from 100 lbs to over 100 tons.

The Flip-Rite TM Handling System has also been sucessfully used to turn:

Airplane Wings, Trailer Tanks, Boiler Tanks, Boats, Conveyor Sections, Bridge Beams, Bundles of Sheet Metal, Composite Panels, Satellites, Dump Bodies, Glass, Mining Buckets, Truck Frames, and much, much more!