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We have developed two new automatic cutting machines which take into account environmental requirements and the advances made in rope production techniques, they are quiet and fast with a high degree of accuracy. Aimed for pre-formed wire ropes. Last but not least these machines are very cost effective with a fast payback time in comparison to most other machines used in industry.

- Low noise level
- High degree of accuracy
- Operator friendly
- High speed operation
- Environment friendly
- Special hydraulic shear blades
- Cost effective

These machines are versatile, can be used for a wide variety of applications and have features such as smooth start and advance retardation of the feeding unit. Operating them is easy with simple controls to set like required lengths and quantities together with speed adjustments. Cutting is done by shears.

LKA 26PS has two independant measuring systems in order to ensure the desired accuracy level. For 10-26 mm diameter wire rope.

LKA 10PS is a smaller version and can take upto 10 mm diameter of wire rope. Minimum diameter depends on the wire rope.


Automatic Cutting Machine 10 SM PLC

We have developed this machine to achieve high production output of short lengths with close accuracy as required for example in the Automotive Industry. The accuracy levels are achieved by employing fibre optics and give results of +/- 1 mm on a length of 500mm. The machine can cut steel wire rope to give either a tapered, rounded or straight shape and employs the latest modern control systems utilising an integral logic computer. These machines are suited to a production environment and can be custom made to fit into a production line interacting with other machinery. Size range 2 mm to 10 mm diameter.