> TALURIT> 10 - 500 tonnes Pulltest Benches

Pulltest benches are intended for testing of wire ropes, synthetic and natural fibre ropes, chains and other lifting equipment. To meet the increasing demands of the various Safety Regulations, and the requirements of rational and effective proof testing, we continuously develop our pulltest benches.

These new machines employ a computer and are controlled by software developed in house. The operator chooses in an interactive way from a menu and imputs his requirement . For example the operator can select from the menu, pulltest, hold test, break test, and when applicable fatique test.
The parameters load, time and tension are displayed by graphs on the computer monitor screen. After completion of the test a certifcate is printed-out automatically together with a diagram in graph form. All our pulltest benches are manufactured to the highest standards and comply with the EN 10002 Class 1 Standard. Approval of the construction by Lloyd´s Register of Shipping, London can be provided at reques.

As previous all our pulltest benches are individually built and we are therefore able to offer machines to satisfy specific customer requirements.

- High level of accuracy
- Operator friendly
- Safe and reliable
- Self supporting structure
- No foundation work necessary

Yoke and Pulley
For the insertion of wire ropes which are longer than the direct insertion length a pulley can be used. This enables a test length up to double the direct insertion length.

Separate Hydraulic Clamping
For the insertion of steel wire ropes the length of which exceed the exisiting insertion possibilities the bench can be equipped with a hydraulic clamping unit. Clamping is achieved between long aluminium dies, which protect the wire rope from damage.

Adjustment Carriage
The adjustment carriage runs on rails between the end stop of the bench up to 500mm from the pull yoke. The adjustment interval for the carriage is 500mm.

Chain Attachment
Special attachment for chains in a 500 tonne Pulltest Bench.

Anchor Attachment
Equipment for testing of stock anchor will be manufactured on request.