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Our press dies are manufactured from Swedish high quality steel for optimal strength and service life. In addition to our comprehensive standard range we are also able to supply special press dies to customer specification.

Cylindrical press dies

With " rounding" or in the more commonly used straight form for cylindrical clamps
type T, UM and R.

Conical press dies (Universal type)

These Universal type dies are used to press conical clamps type TK and K.
In addition they will also cater for the straight cylindrical T, TCU, UM and R type clamps.

Conical press dies with special spigot 

For pressing the TKH clamp. Can be removed and replaced with a blanking-off bush for standard type clamps. These dies are for use with aluminium and copper clamps only. Patented solution.

Several stage dies

Are used when the press capacity is not adequate to close the standars dies.
These straight through stage dies are for type T and UM cylindrical clamps.

Press dies for steel clamps

For turn-back carbon steel clamps type ST, STD and INOX.
Conical type for use with STK clamps.

Combined dies

Available in large die block sizes for use in medium to large presses.
Type B and B1 block size Nos. 1+1,5 2+2,5 3+3,5
Type C block size
Nos. 1+1,5 2+2,5 +3+3,5 4+4,5 5+6

Dies for swaging Flemish eye sleeves

Aimed for carbon steel "flemish eye" terminations type STC-sleeves. Available for all different sizes of sleeves and most of our press machines. Special block sizes on request.

Swage socket press dies 

Intended for pressing of carbon steel swage sockets or terminals type STOE/STG. Special block sizes on request.

Dies for Terminals

Press dies for pressing/swaging of terminals In both round as well as hexagonal form.

Special/Custom made press dies

Press dies for pressing customer specified special fittings.
Several different material choices.